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Angel, or Angelus, depending
This is an in-character journal used for LJ roleplaying and fic writing for both the characters Angel and Angelus. No infringement is meant by use of these characters, and the mun makes no claim to be either character or David Boreanaz. Be advised that this journal does and will contain adult subject matter, language and situations, as may any of the journals and communities linked herein. The writer bears no responsibility for the viewing by minors any inappropriate material. Angel/Angelus is played by dark_wesley. You can contact the mun at: dark_wesley@livejournal.com

Character Biography

Ireland, 1727. Liam is born. 1753, considered by everyone in town, but particularly his overbearing, extremely conservative father, Liam is out carousing when he meets a beautiful blonde woman. The woman is Darla, and she sires Liam in an alley behind the tavern. Liam returns home and is invited in by his little sister, Kathy, who believes her brother has returned "an Angel". Burtally murdering his family, Liam takes the name Angelus.

Darla and Angelus terrorize the Old World, a force of darkness and mayhem unparalleled. Part mentor and protégé, part mother and son, and always the darkest of lovers, the pair are seductive death to hundreds, revelling in every moment. Though they often separate and often take other lovers to bed, Darla and Anglus always reunite. In 1860, Angelus sires Drusilla, who adds Spike to their group in 1880. Rivals, friends and quarrelling siblings, Spike and Angelus (along with Darla and Drusilla) are a terrible horror, the Order of Aurelius (meaning their vampiric family line is traced back to The Master).

Romania, 1898. Angelus recieves a gift from Darla, a beautiful Romani (gypsy) girl. When her family discovers her murder, they exact their revenge on Angelus. He is cursed with the return of his soul, which causes him to feel the remorse and grief at his past sins which his demonic nature did not feel. Try as he might, he cannot return to his former evil, and is cast out by a disgusted Darla, and takes the name Angel.

For almost a hundred years, Angel lives in continual despair, existing outside the world, burdened by the weight of his remorse. In 1996, while living on the street and feeding off vermin, a demon named Whistler comes to Angel, informing him that he has a destiny to atone for his past by fighting against the darkness. Whistler takes Angel to Los Angeles and from a distance, shows him Buffy Summers, before she is Chosen. Angel sees in her his destiny and loses his heart on the spot.

Sunnydale, 1997. Angel begins assisting Buffy, now the Slayer, first as a mysterious informant, then as a fighting ally. Buffy falls in love with Angel, despite knowing his vampire nature. On her sixteenth birthday, the two make love, and the gypsies' curse strikes-- Angel was meant to have never felt anything but remorse. This one moment of perfect happiness removes his soul and unleashes Angelus. After terrorizing Sunnydale, Angel is re-ensouled, but has to be sent into a hell dimension to prevent the end of the world.

Returning after 200 years (though only three months had passed on Earth), Angel and Buffy come to the realization that although they are truly in love, that they can never be together. Angel leaves Sunnydale and relocates to Los Angeles, where he establishes Angel Investigations, where he fights the same fight on darker ground.

Writing Communities

Angel and sometimes Angelus can be found at: realmof_themuse and random_fic.

RPG Info

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now_ish, lornes_pimp_pad, scoobies4ever, thedestruction, iftomorrow, sigil_diaboli, landofthe_joss, hellmouth_of_la, daylightfadings, trappedsouls, thechampions and other_paths


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